Published papers

The role of standard setting organizations in deciding product quality and process innovation | International Journal of Economic Theory (2023)

with Munirul Nabin and Pasquale Sgro

A novel technology adoption in an OLG framework: examining the cross-generational effects of promotional policies | Springer Nature Business & Economics (2021) 

with Sukanto Bhattacharya and Munirul Nabin

Working papers

Firms' strategic choice of R&D activities and IPR protection policy: welfare implications | Under review 

with Sugata Marjit and Munirul Nabin

A note on damaged goods' provision in competitive markets | Under review 

with Munirul Nabin

A note on the effect of competition on contractual fine print | Under review

Data sharing ecosystems: analyzing feasibility and value co-creation

with Lucas Eustache and Christoph Strnadl

More upcoming work

The effect of a guaranteed buy-back price on product quality | Coming soon 

with Arghya Ghosh and Munirul Nabin

India vaccination drive: policies and implications | Coming soon 

with Juan Diego Luksic

How does price recommendation shape drivers' behavior in the carpooling market | Coming soon 

with Vladimir Avetian, Shahmeer Mohsin and Dianzhuo Zhu